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US VP Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris to discuss Israel-Gaza war with Israeli PM Netanyahu at White House

Harris, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, will meet Netanyahu during his visit to Washington, even as she skips his address to a joint session of Congress.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University engineers develop soft 'Muscles' for safer, more flexible robots

Northwestern engineers have developed low-cost, soft actuators that mimic human muscles, making robots safer and more flexible. These 3D-printed devices enable diverse motions, like worm-like crawling and bicep-like lifting. Unlike traditional actuators, they stiffen when used, enhancing performance. This innovation could revolutionize robotics, allowing the robots to perform tasks previously deemed impossible.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins community celebrates $1 Billion transformative financial aid gift to School of Medicine

Bloomberg Philanthropies' $1 billion donation to Johns Hopkins University will make medical school tuition-free for many students and expand financial aid for various graduate programs. This transformative gift reduces financial barriers, promotes diversity, and supports future leaders in medicine, public health, business, and more, significantly impacting students' lives and careers.

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley backs Trump, calls Biden incompetent and Harris a disaster for America

Nikki Haley released her delegates to Donald Trump ahead of the Republican National Convention, urging unity and criticizing Joe Biden's competency and Kamala Harris's potential presidency. Haley, not attending the RNC, emphasizes the need for strong leadership on border security, debt reduction, and economic recovery.

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