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We extend our gratitude for visiting the EDUCATION POST NEWS (EPN)website. Recognizing the significance of your privacy, we have formulated this policy to delineate the information collection process when you access our website, exemplifying our dedication to transparent data practices.

User approval

Your consent to our collection, utilization, and sharing of your personal information, as outlined in this policy, is affirmed upon your engagement with EDUCATION POST NEWS (EPN) website services, including account registration and communication on our platform or through social media channels.

Gathering of Personal Data

At EDUCATION POST NEWS (EPN), we cherish your personal information, which we only gather when you willingly provide it. Our palette of collectible data includes a broad spectrum of personally identifiable details, ranging from your name, address, and email address to insights into your interests and usage patterns across our diverse services. Picture this: You decide to embark on an enriching journey with us by registering through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail. In doing so, we seamlessly tap into the information from these accounts, ensuring continued interaction and seamless service provision. Imagine yourself sharing your name and email to unlock the treasure trove of our newsletters or immersing yourself in vibrant discussions within our forum. Or perhaps, you're the bearer of news, using our 'Mail This Story' feature to spread knowledge. Rest assured, the trust you place in us is revered; your information remains guarded and untouched, never finding its way into the hands of any private entity without your explicit nod. But wait, there's more! We're not just satisfied with the basics. Your journey with us is unique, and so are the moments we share. Be it your feedback, comments, or even a mere tweak to your content preferences, every interaction with us is an opportunity to gather insights and refine your experience. So go ahead, share your thoughts, respond to surveys, or engage in any form of communication—each interaction is a brushstroke in the vibrant canvas of our relationship. .

Information Gathered by Sponsors and Third-Party Sites

Within the vast expanse of our website(s), you may stumble upon pathways leading to other realms, each governed by its own unique privacy code. These distant lands boast their own sets of rules and regulations, differing from ours. As intrepid explorers, we encourage our visitors to embark on this journey with caution, consulting the privacy directives of these distant domains. After all, we relinquish control once you venture beyond our borders, allowing the mysteries of these third-party lands to unfold at your own discretion. Furthermore, our digital realm is adorned with shimmering advertisements, each carefully curated by a trusted ally from the realms beyond. As these enchanting banners dance across our pages, they may leave behind a subtle trace—a mystical "cookie" nestled within your browser's embrace. Fear not, for these cookies carry no names or addresses; they are but humble guides, whispering tales of your travels across this digital landscape. With their aid, our third-party companions strive to craft bespoke advertisements tailored to your desires, weaving a tapestry of goods and services that capture your heart and mind.

Automated Data Collection and Archiving

Picture yourself as a curious voyager, wandering through the digital corridors of our website(s) in search of knowledge and inspiration. Even if you choose not to leave your mark by registering for our services, fear not, for our invisible scribes diligently record the footprints of your visit. As you peruse our virtual library, our mystical sensors capture certain ephemeral details—details that do not reveal your true identity, but instead paint a vivid portrait of your digital essence. We take note of the browser you wield, whether it be the stalwart Netscape or the illustrious Internet Explorer. We observe the operating system that guides your journey, whether it be the resilient Windows '98 or the enigmatic Mac OS. We acknowledge the domain name of your loyal Internet Service Provider, be it the illustrious America Online or the steadfast Satyam Online. Yet, our quest for understanding extends beyond the mere tools of your trade. We delve deeper, uncovering the chronicles of your visit—the date and time you graced our digital domain, the sacred pages you chose to illuminate with your gaze. And lo, we even glean geographical tidings, discerning the lands from which you hail—whether it be the bustling metropolises or the serene hinterlands. But fret not, dear traveler, for these observations are but strokes on the canvas of your digital odyssey. We wield this non-personally identifiable information not as a means of surveillance, but rather as a humble guide, aiding us in sculpting an ever more wondrous and immersive browsing experience for you, our cherished visitor.

Log File Information

As you set sail upon the digital seas, our watchful eyes capture glimpses of your vessel's journey through the vast expanse of cyberspace. With each visit to our shores, we quietly gather tidbits of information, much like a skilled navigator charts the stars. Your digital footprint becomes a constellation of data points, guiding us through the intricate pathways of the Internet. We receive signals from your vessel, including the unique coordinates of your IP address, guiding the flow of data like celestial beacons in the night sky. Our digital lighthouse stands vigilant, capturing signals from your browser as it traverses the digital waves. Details emerge like constellations, revealing the makeup of your vessel - its name, operating system, and the speed at which it sails through the digital ether. Even as you journey on your mobile vessel, our digital compass remains attuned to your presence. We capture echoes of your passage, from the unique identifiers of your device to the tempo of its connection speed. Each detail becomes a thread in the rich tapestry of your digital voyage. Amidst this intricate dance of data, your privacy remains paramount. We tread lightly, gathering only what is necessary to ensure the safety and security of all who navigate these waters. As you journey onwards, know that our digital lighthouse stands as a beacon of guidance, ensuring a safe passage through the boundless seas of the Internet.

Clear GIFs

We use "clear GIFs" or Web Beacons to understand how people use our website without knowing who they are. These are like digital breadcrumbs that help us see patterns in how our users navigate online. In emails, we use them to know if you opened them. This data helps us improve our website, making it better for everyone. We also see where our users are from, but don't know who they are personally. It's all about making your experience on our site the best it can be!

Connections to Other Websites

Our website(s) may have links to other websites. But we don't control their privacy policies. When you leave our site and go to another one, the privacy policy of that site applies to any information you share. It's a good idea to check their privacy policy for more information.

Connections to Other Websites

Our website(s) may have links to other websites. But we don't control their privacy policies. When you leave our site and go to another one, the privacy policy of that site applies to any information you share. It's a good idea to check their privacy policy for more information.

Data Erasure

We keep your personal information for as long as we need it to provide our services to you. If you want us to delete your information and close your account, just let us know. You can do this by contacting our Grievance Officers either in writing or through email with your electronic signature. Keep in mind, if you have more than one account with us, you'll need to request deletion separately for each one.

Data derived from external sources

We might get information about you from other places and add it to what we already have. If you give information to our platform provider or another partner we work with, they might share it with us. We'll handle all this information according to our policy.

Demographic and other information

To tailor our communications and promotions better, we sometimes refer to additional sources of information, like Google Analytics, to understand how you interact with our sites. Google Analytics helps us analyze user behavior, including demographics and interests, but rest assured, these reports don't link back to any personal information you've shared with us. If you prefer not to be part of this analysis, you can opt-out of Google Analytics for display advertising through your Google Ads Settings.

We also use other tools like Chartbeat and comScore analytics to track how our content performs and measure our marketing efforts. These tools only use anonymous data and don't collect any personal information, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Hyperlinks to external websites or ad servers

Embark on a digital journey with us, but be aware of the branching paths as our sites may lead you to other realms governed by their own privacy policies—beyond our digital dominion. Once you venture beyond our servers, the rules change, guided by the privacy policies of the new territory you explore. Check the URL bar in your browser to see where you are, and remember: the privacy policy there might dance to a different beat than ours. If you find yourself lost in the maze of privacy policies, reach out to the application owners for guidance.

As we open the curtain to our audience's preferences for our advertisers, it's not a one-on-one revelation. Think of it more like a grand performance, where we showcase aggregated statistics on traffic without revealing personal details. Our third-party advertising companions may follow your digital footsteps across websites, tailoring ads based on your interests—rest assured, without diving into the pool of your personal identifiers.

No need to worry, though; we guard your personally identifiable information like a treasure chest, never handing over the key to third-party websites or advertisers without your explicit nod. Your digital voyage with us remains private and secure.


In unlocking the treasure trove of your personal data, we embark on a journey guided by the compass of legality and your explicit consent. Here's how we navigate through the vast seas of information:

  1. Embarkation: We hoist the sails of verification, anchoring your identity securely to create your personalized haven within our platform.
  2. Voyage Provision: Our ship navigates through the digital waves, delivering the platform to your shores, ensuring smooth sailing on your online expedition.
  3. Charting the Stars: Amidst the celestial expanse of data, we observe trends, constellating your experiences to tailor a personalized voyage through the cosmos of our platform.
  4. Ship Maintenance: Your feedback serves as the North Star guiding our course, as we diligently repair and enhance the functionality of our vessel, ensuring a seamless voyage for all aboard.
  5. Crew Support: Our crew stands ready to answer your distress signals, providing swift and efficient assistance to navigate any turbulent waters encountered during your journey.
  6. Beacon of Communication: Periodic notifications and updates beam forth, illuminating the path ahead, keeping you informed and connected to the ever-evolving landscape of our platform.
  7. Marketing Mast: Hoisting our colors high, we unfurl the sails of promotion, inviting fellow adventurers to join our voyage through the digital seas.
  8. Legal Compass: Guided by the compass of legality, we navigate the intricate channels of compliance, ensuring smooth sailing within the bounds of legal obligations.
  9. Fortification: We erect sturdy defenses, safeguarding our vessel and its precious cargo against digital marauders, conducting routine patrols and maintenance to uphold the integrity of our platform.
  10. Voyage Enhancement: Our compass points towards continuous improvement, charting a course towards betterment and innovation to enrich your digital odyssey.
  11. Covenant Upheld: We honor the pact forged between us, fulfilling our obligations with unwavering dedication, ensuring a harmonious voyage for all.
  12. Bilateral Communication: Across the digital ether, our messages traverse, fostering a dialogue for mutual benefit, as we steer the course of our Platform together.
  13. Terms of Engagement: We stand vigilant, enforcing the code of conduct set forth in our Terms, ensuring a fair and equitable voyage for all aboard.
  14. Legal Defense: In the face of legal tempests, we stand resolute, marshaling our resources to defend our vessel and its crew, navigating the stormy seas of litigation with resolve and integrity.

Casting off from the shores of anonymity, you grant us permission to set sail into the depths of communication, allowing us to reach out via email, phone, or other means to ensure your voyage with us is smooth and enriching.

As we journey through the digital expanse, we collect and share information vital to our voyage, collaborating with trusted partners and allies to ensure a safe and fulfilling journey for all aboard.

Amidst the tempests of legal obligation, we stand ready to disclose information when duty calls, navigating the currents of legality with honesty and integrity, always striving to uphold the principles set forth in our Policy and Terms.


Cookies are small files that websites send to your device's hard drive through your web browser. They help the website recognize your browser and remember certain information.

We use cookies to:

  • Distinguish you from other users
  • Remember your preferences for future visits
  • Track advertisements
  • Collect data about site traffic and interactions

We may use third-party service providers to help us understand our site visitors better. These providers can only use the information they collect to assist us in improving our business.

You may also encounter cookies placed by third parties on certain pages of the website. We don't control how these third parties use cookies.

If you send us personal emails or if other users or third parties provide information about your activities on the website, we may collect and store that information.

Exchange of Information

We share your information in specific situations without your prior consent:

  1. Legal Requirements: When required by law or a court/government agency for identity verification, prevention, detection, investigation (including cyber incidents), or prosecution of offenses. We disclose information in good faith, believing it's necessary to enforce our terms or comply with applicable laws.
  2. Business Operations: We share information within our group companies and with their officers and employees to conduct our business. We ensure they handle information according to our instructions, in compliance with this policy, and with appropriate confidentiality and security measures.
  3. Advising Advertisers: We share information with advertisers and third parties, typically as aggregated statistics on site traffic, to help them understand our audience and the value of advertising on our sites.
  4. Social Sharing: Information about your site activities may be shared with third-party social websites to populate your social wall. You can control what you want to share through privacy settings.
  5. Protecting Rights: We may share information to enforce or protect our rights, affiliates, associates, employees, directors, officers, or when we believe it's necessary to identify, contact, or take legal action against someone causing interference with our rights or sites, or when others could be harmed by such activities.

Updating and gaining access to personal data

We make every effort to provide you with access to your personal information when you use our Services or Sites. If any information is incorrect, we'll fix it, unless we're required to keep it by law or for valid business reasons. To process requests, we'll ask you to confirm your identity and specify the information you want. We may not fulfill requests that are overly repetitive, too technical, or would compromise others' privacy. Providing access and corrections is usually free, unless it's too burdensome. Please note, it may take some time to fully remove your information from our systems after deletion due to how we manage services and legal obligations

Information security

We employ stringent security measures to safeguard your data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. This includes regular internal reviews of our data practices, encryption, and physical security measures. Your information is securely stored in our controlled database, protected by firewalls and password access. However, while we take every precaution, no system is completely immune to breaches. We cannot guarantee the absolute security of our database or intercept-proof transmission of information over the internet. Any information shared in discussion areas is publicly accessible. Furthermore, third-party advertising companies may collect data about your visits to our sites or services to provide targeted advertisements, but they won't have access to your personal contact details. In essence, while we strive to protect your data, it's important to remain vigilant in the digital landscap

Modifications in our Policy

The internet is always changing, and so are we. We might tweak our policy now and then to keep up with new technology, laws, or anything else that comes our way. And if we do, we'll let you know right away. You can expect any changes we make to take effect as soon as we post them on our website. If you keep using our sites or services after we make changes, it means you're cool with them. We'll also do our best to shoot you an email about it. But just to be safe, it's a good idea to peek at our policy every now and then to stay in the loop.

Objective of gathering, using, and sharing your personal data

We use your information to make our service better for you in lots of ways. This includes things like setting up your account, giving you personalized content based on your location, and improving our website and services. We might share some of your information with our partners or third-party services to help us do this. We also use your data to understand our audience and show relevant ads. You might see articles or news tailored to your interests, and we'll also send you updates about our services, new features, and any changes to our policies. Plus, we'll use your information to help you with any questions or issues you have, and to make sure you're aware of any important updates.

Questions/ Grievances Redressals

For any grievances regarding the handling of your information or potential breaches of terms, it's essential to inform the designated Grievance Officer promptly through written communication or email, using an electronic signature.

Grievance Office Contact

Adv. Deeksha Upadhyay
Grievance Officer, (Education Post News)
Email Id: [email protected]

Sat Sukrit Media Pvt. Ltd.
Address:B-212, Second Floor, Above SBI Bank, Ansal Chambers-1, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110066

When submitting a complaint, kindly provide the following details:

  • Your complete name, residential address, email, and phone number for contact purposes.
  • Include a self-attested photocopy or scanned copy of a government-issued photo ID.
  • Specify the title, date, or link of the content causing concern, and quote the relevant sentence(s) verbatim.
  • Clearly state whether the information is personal or sensitive personal data.
  • Attach any supporting documents, ensuring they're clear and legible. If referencing a court order, include a certified copy with visible details like the court, case number, and judge's name.
  • Sign a declaration affirming the accuracy and completeness of the provided information and documents.
  • Confirm, under penalty of perjury, that the information in the complaint is accurate and pertains to you.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy using the contact details provided.

Please note, complaints should be directly related to you and must not be vexatious or trivial. Avoid sending repeated reminders. Any communication to non-designated individuals won't be the company's responsibility.

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