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Instagram Gets Messenger Rooms Integration to Enable Group Video Chats

You can now create a new video chat room straight from Instagram.

EPN Desk23 May 2020 07:03


Instagram now offers the ability to create new Messenger Rooms and invite friends to join the conversation right from the app. Facebook unveiled Messenger Rooms last month in a bid to counter the fast-growing Zoom video conferencing service. Facebook had said at that time that it will be integrating Messenger in Instagram, and now that integration is live. Messenger Rooms integration allows users to create private video chat rooms where up to 50 participants can join. Even those without a Facebook account can join the conversation.

“Starting today, you can create messenger Rooms on Instagram and invite anyone to join,” Instagram said on Twitter.

You can create a new room and invite friends on Instagram, after which you will be taken to Messenger. As mentioned above, as many as 50 people can join, including those who are not on Facebook. Moreover, you can also lock the room when you don’t want more people to enter the conversation.

How to use Messenger Rooms via Instagram

A video shared by Instagram shows the steps to use the new feature. You first need to go to Instagram Direct messages. There, tap on the video chat icon. Then select Create a Room. You can now send invitations for the room to your Instagram friends. Instagram will then create a room and show a link to it. Additionally, it will give the option to Join Room or Send Link. If you tap on Join Room, Instagram will ask to open the room in the Messenger app.

Messenger Rooms integration is coming to WhatsApp as well and the same has reportedly been spotted in the beta versions of the app. It is said to be available on WhatsApp Beta for Android right now.

Messenger Rooms by Facebook has come at a time when group video calls have seen a surge in demand and previously lesser-known players like Zoom have grown quickly.


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