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Kejriwal makes 10 big promises while ruling out running for PM post

'Kejriwal ki 10 Guarantee' includes 24/7 free electricity across the country, end of Agniveer scheme, 2 crore new jobs every year, and reclaiming lost land from China if INDIA bloc comes to power.

Prabhav Anand12 May 2024 18:01

File Image: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

File Image: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made it clear he doesn’t want to be Prime Minister, saying he’s more interested in running the government well than climbing the political ladder.

At the same time, Kejriwal has promised ten big changes for India. These include free power all day and night, better schools, and healthcare for everyone. He also wants to take back land from China and make Delhi a full state. Kejriwal says these aren’t just empty promises; they’re his plan for a better India.

Kejriwal, who was released from prison on interim bail on Friday in the excise policy case, kept up his election efforts today, telling people to help him fight against what he calls a “dictatorship” and to join his party in making India’s future bright.

"Today we are going to announce 10 Kejriwal guarantees. We are late in doing so, it got delayed due to my arrest. I have not yet discussed this with the INDIA alliance but I am confident that the INDIA alliance will not face any difficulties with these guarantees,” Arvind Kejriwal said while addressing a press conference at the Aam Aadmi Party headquarters.

“After the formation of the INDIA bloc government, I will ensure that all these guarantees are fulfilled by all our colleagues,” said Kejriwal.

Meanwhile, Delhi BJP President Virendra Sachdeva called Kejriwal's promises "deceptions" while referring to the Delhi Chief Minister as a "machine of lies."

"They are saying that they will provide free electricity 24 hours a day in the whole country. In Delhi, the middle class is buying electricity at Rs 8. The business class is buying electricity at Rs 11-13. Do you want to provide this kind of electricity to the whole country? Our Prime Minister is providing better electricity than this under the Solar Yojana and also providing an opportunity for extra income," Sachdeva said.

Arvind Kejriwal's '10 guarantees' are a set of promises aimed at bringing significant reforms across various sectors in India. Here are the details:

  • Free 24-hour electricity: Ensuring uninterrupted power supply across the country, with up to 200 units of free electricity for the poor.
  • Quality education: Improving government schools to provide education that surpasses private institutions.
  • Healthcare: Establishing better healthcare facilities, including Mohalla clinics and multi-specialty hospitals, with free treatment for all.
  • National security: Retrieving Indian territory occupied by China, giving the Army freedom to take necessary steps.
  • Agniveer scheme: Scrapping the Agniveer scheme and focusing on other employment opportunities.
  • Agriculture: Fixing the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for crops according to the Swaminathan Commission report.
  • Employment: Creating two crore jobs for the youth.
  • Ease of doing business: Simplifying processes for traders to promote ease of doing business.
  • Full statehood for Delhi: Granting full statehood to Delhi to enhance governance.
  • Anti-corruption: Dismantling the BJP's alleged 'washing machine' that protects corrupt individuals who join the party.


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