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School textbooks to be revised in phased manner, Says Karnataka Education minister Madhu Bangarappa

EPN Desk31 May 2023 08:44

Madhu Bangarappa

Karnataka education minister Madhu Bangarappa with CM Siddaramaiah

Bangalore: In response to the demands of writers and academics for a revision of textbooks introduced during the previous BJP regime, Madhu Bangarappa, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, announced on Tuesday that the government would undertake a phased revision of school textbooks.

Addressing reporters in Bengaluru, Madhu Bangarappa affirmed the government’s commitment to revising the textbooks, as stated in the Congress manifesto. He emphasized the removal of any lessons or content that could contaminate or negatively influence the minds of students.

When questioned about a specific timeline for the revision process, the minister acknowledged the challenges of providing a clear answer due to the imminent reopening of schools on June 1 and the distribution of textbooks to students. He expressed the need to discuss the matter and seek advice from the Chief Minister before proceeding. Additionally, he stressed the government’s intention to avoid engaging in hate politics and providing the BJP with an opportunity to criticize their actions.

Regarding the ban on wearing hijabs in schools and colleges, Minister Bangarappa deferred to the ongoing legal proceedings, stating that any official comments on the matter would be inappropriate. He assured that the government’s actions would align with the directives of the law department. However, he refrained from making any further commitments at present.

In response to queries about the National Education Policy (NEP), the minister urged the public to wait for the government’s plans. The Congress had promised in their election manifesto to reverse the changes implemented to school textbooks during the BJP’s tenure and to scrap the NEP.

In a counterargument, BJP National President CT Ravi challenged the Congress government’s stance and specifically questioned the potential removal of chapters related to K B Hedgewar, the founder of the RSS. Ravi asserted that Hedgewar was a patriot and not associated with Pakistan. He stated that the BJP would respond fittingly at the appropriate time.

As the government responds to the demand for textbook revisions, the process is expected to unfold gradually, prioritizing the removal of objectionable content and ensuring a positive educational environment for students across the state.


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