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IIT Kanpur invites applications for online PG Degree in Business Leadership

IIT Kanpur invites applications for online PG Degree, GATE not required

EPN Desk25 October 2023 11:51

IIT Kanpur

The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) has introduced a cutting-edge online postgraduate degree program titled “Business Leadership in the Digital Age,” which aims to empower businesses to excel in the digital landscape while honing professionals’ specialized leadership skills.

The applications for this innovative program are now open, and interested candidates can apply at emasters.iitk.ac.in/course/masters-in-business-leadership.

Crafted by the expert faculty of IIT Kanpur’s Department of Economic Sciences, the PG degree in Business Leadership in the Digital Age promises a profound insight into contemporary business dynamics. Notably, this executive-friendly program stands out by eliminating the necessity for a GATE score during the application process, ensuring accessibility to a wider pool of applicants.

The program will be delivered by IIT-K faculty members, blending their academic excellence with real-world industry insights. One of the key features of this initiative is its flexibility, allowing participants to complete the course within one to three years. The classes will be conducted through live interactive sessions held exclusively on weekends, complemented by self-paced learning modules.

Structured around a 60-credit framework, the curriculum comprises three core modules, ten technology-oriented modules, and a comprehensive capstone project. This well-rounded approach ensures that participants acquire a holistic understanding of modern business strategies and digital technologies.

This program opens doors to valuable resources such as IIT Kanpur’s placement cell, incubation facilities, and a robust alumni network. By providing access to these crucial networks, the initiative not only enriches career prospects but also creates ample opportunities for professional networking and growth.

IIT Kanpur’s new online PG degree in Business Leadership signifies a significant leap forward in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, promising to shape the future leaders of the digital business landscape.


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