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Tour turns into tragedy, two drown in Beas' raging water near Manali

Two tourists, Saurabh and Ruchi, were carried away by the river Beas while clicking a picture on the river's banks at Nehru Kund.

EPN Desk27 May 2024 12:49

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Two tourists were carried away by the Beas' raging water at Nehru Kund, in the Kullu area of Himachal Pradesh, near Manali on May 26. While clicking a picture on the banks of the river Beas, the woman fell from the rock into the river. The man jumped into the river to save her, but they were both quickly swept away.

Police and rescue crews responded to the distress call and arrived at the location to start a search. The authorities were able to recover the woman's body downstream at Bahang, but the man's body is still missing.

The victims were identified as 33-year-old Saurabh N Shah from Putlibowli of Hyderabad, and 22-year-old Ruchi Tiwari from Rewa city of Madhya Pradesh.

Manali SDM Raman Sharma has urged travel agencies to advise their clients not to go near the river. He said that police had alerted visitors in many locations as well. Tourists who plan to visit the river should use caution and follow safety precautions, according to the authorities.

Locals demanded the administration and government channel rivers and create tourism destinations where visitors can enjoy themselves without endangering their lives.

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