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Journalist Attacked at BJP Rally, Press Club Calls for Action

The Press Club of India demands swift action from the Election Commission and police regarding the recent attack on journalists. They believe journalists should never be subjected to fear or physical harm while performing their duties.

EPN Desk13 May 2024 05:47

Journalist Attacked at BJP Rally, Press Club Calls for Action

Raghav Trivedi, a journalist, was beaten up at a political rally in Uttar Pradesh. He was there to report for Molitics, a YouTube channel. The attackers, believed to be Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers, assaulted Trivedi after he was seen filming women who told him that they were paid to come to the rally.

Even though the police were there, they didn't help Trivedi. Mistaken as a Muslim by the people surrounding him, he was knocked out and woke up in a hospital. His friend Sanjeet Sahni, who was filming, reported the attack to the police.

The Press Club of India is really upset about the attack. They want the Election Commission and the police to take this seriously. They say it's not right for journalists to be scared or hurt just for doing their job.

Trivedi shared his story: "I came from Delhi to report. At the rally, I talked to women who said they were paid Rs 100 to be there. The leaders wanted me to delete the video, but I said no. Then they attacked me. I asked for help, but no one did anything." 

The Press Club of India released a statement condemning the attack, saying it "vehemently condemns the attack on @moliticsindia journalist, Raghav Trivedi while he was covering the Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s rally in Rae Bareli, UP. We urge the EC and local authorities to ensure strict action against the attackers. Journalists in their day-to-day reportage have been subjected to regular physical intimidation, harassment, and attack.”


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