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Professional Education is The Gateway to Career Building: Dr. B. B. Das

There was a time when the scope for professional education was limited in our country. The choice was restricted to Engineering or Medical streams.

Education Post09 December 2019 07:03

Academic pursuit is generally linked with a strong aspiration to achieve a successful career. Students, therefore, explore opportunities to pursue professional education which is the gateway to their future.

There was a time when the scope for professional education was limited in our country. The choice was restricted to Engineering or Medical streams. In engineering stream again, the choices were limited to a few options like electrical, mechanical and civil as the three major branches. Subsequently, new branches of engineering were introduced by various institutes to cover a wide range of emerging technologies.

Medical science too covered many specializations giving a range of choice to students for exploring their interest. Today, professional education provides a panoramic scope in more than just a few fields for students wanting to choose a less studied branch… and what we see is that opportunities are open in a large number of institutes at an affordable cost. This is the result of collective efforts of the government as well as the private sectors. Although we search for quality education, it is suitable infrastructure and a wide range of courses available to students that matters most when considering their job opportunities. Professional education does not end with degrees but continues with an on-going research activity for knowledge building. The research work develops their innovative thinking and confidence level for exploring unknown areas. This also develops their courage to handle independent activities without having to choose only from available job opportunities.


Professional education, in addition to providing knowledge and skills, must also inspire students to set up their own enterprise by venturing into the areas of risk and uncertainty.

It is heartening that a large number of girls are coming forward to pursue professional education to ensure their independent co-existence in the society with their self-respect intact and unblemished. They are also competing with boys in every professional field with determination to establish their credibility.

However, professional education can have a wider and more powerful impact if the following facets are considered:

  1. The facility for professional education needs to be expanded to reach far-flung areas.
  2. It should be more affordable for economically backward students.
  3. The quality of education must improve to meet international standard so that students do not entertain an illogical yearning for courses abroad.
  4. Advanced research facilities should be provided for students to undertake innovative research in the field of emerging technologies.
  5. The conduct of professional education must embrace innovative steps.

Without augmenting our professional education, the most challenging make-in-India program cannot be steered successfully. The professional institutes must ignite students’ innovative thinking for exploring new inventions. As things stand now, the country needs a strong research base to engage young brains capable of creating wonders if scope and opportunities are provided. Essentially, the nation is looking for a most advanced education system that can be knowledge, skill and research-driven. Professional education must guide self-reliance in all fields so as to enable the country to emerge as a progressive one.


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