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Third-year student found dead on IIT Kharagpur campus

The third-year student, a resident of Kerala, had recently returned to college from her home State; police are probing the death

EPN Desk 18 June 2024 09:51

Image of Police (Representational Image)

Image of Police (Representational Image)

A tragic incident occurred at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur on June 17, where a third-year student, Devika Pillai, was found dead on the premises of Sarojini Naidu/Indira Gandhi Hall.

Devika, who hailed from Kerala, had just recently come back to the college after spending time in her home State. The authorities promptly informed her family about the unfortunate event.

Devika was a student in the Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology. Following the discovery, her body was transported to the Kharagpur sub-divisional hospital for a post-mortem examination.

The institution has stated that the police are actively investigating the death, and IIT Kharagpur is fully cooperating with the ongoing probe.

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IIT Kharagpur told Education Post they expressed deep sorrow over the incident, stating, "Our foremost priority at this moment is to extend our heartfelt condolences and support to Pillai’s family and friends. We are in close contact with her family and are providing all necessary assistance to help them through this incredibly difficult time."

Devika was recognized as an academically talented student, noted for her intelligence and dedication. She held the position of general secretary for social and cultural events at the Sarojini Naidu/Indira Gandhi Hall and was engaged in a summer internship under a professor in the Biotechnology department.

"The female student was found hanging from the ceiling of the hostel building. Whether it is a case of suicide or something else is yet to be ascertained. We have started an investigation of the death," an IPS officer told Education Post.

"We informed the police and they brought down the body. Whenever the post-mortem report is shared with us, we can give you more details," the source said when asked if it was a case of suicide.

Despite attempts to reach her family, we have not yet received a response. We will provide updates as soon as we obtain any information.

Previous Incidents

This tragic event adds to the growing concerns surrounding the safety at IIT Kharagpur, especially following the death of another third-year student, Faizan Ahmed, in 2022.

Faizan's semi-decomposed body was discovered on October 14, 2022, inside a hostel room that was not assigned to him, prompting serious safety concerns.

Moreover, on October 19, 2023, a fourth-year student from Telangana, studying in the Electrical Engineering department, was also found dead on the campus.

These successive incidents have left the student community in a state of shock and fear. Many students are alarmed by the repeated occurrences of "unnatural" deaths on campus, raising critical questions about the institute's safety protocols. One student, choosing to remain anonymous, remarked, “Things are scary here. Anything is possible in such situations.”

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