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NEP SAARTHI: Empowering Students as Ambassadors Transforming Higher Education

EPN Desk19 May 2023 09:00

nep saarthi


The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 heralds a significant reform in India’s education system, prioritizing quality, equity, and access. Recognizing the pivotal role of students in this transformative journey, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched the NEP SAARTHI initiative, aimed at enhancing student participation and raising awareness about the reforms outlined in the NEP 2020.

Collective Engagement for Transformation

Transforming higher education necessitates the active involvement and commitment of key stakeholders, including vice chancellors, directors, principals, faculty, staff, and students. NEP SAARTHI seeks to bring students together as active participants, enabling them to make effective use of the provisions of NEP 2020.

The Objectives of NEP SAARTHI

The NEP SAARTHI initiative aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Creating Awareness: Promoting the initiatives of NEP 2020 among students on campus, ensuring they are well-informed about the reforms.
  2. Encouraging Active Participation: Motivating students to actively engage in implementing the initiatives outlined in NEP 2020.
  3. Establishing a Feedback Mechanism: Providing students with a platform to voice their concerns and enabling the UGC to understand the impact of NEP 2020 initiatives.

Nomination Criteria and Procedure

Under this initiative, the UGC requests Vice Chancellors, Directors, and Principals of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to nominate three students from their respective institutions to be considered as NEP SAARTHIs. The nominated students should possess exceptional communication skills, organizational capabilities for conducting outreach programs, creativity, and a sense of responsibility, while also demonstrating leadership qualities.

The nomination process involves the following steps:

  1. Nominations: UGC will invite nominations from Vice Chancellors, Directors, Principals of HEIs, and eminent academicians.
  2. Selection: Each university can nominate up to three students, accompanied by a brief write-up justifying the nominations. From the nominations received, the UGC will select 300 NEP SAARTHIs.
  3. Announcement and Orientation: The UGC will announce the selected NEP SAARTHIs and communicate the results. Subsequently, the SAARTHIs will undergo orientation and receive guidance from the UGC in a hybrid mode.

Timeline and Felicitation

The timeline for the NEP SAARTHI initiative is as follows:

1. Nominations: May 2023
2. Deadline for nominations: June 2023
3. Announcement of NEP SAARTHIs: July 2023
4. Orientation of NEP SAARTHIs: July 2023

The selected NEP SAARTHIs will be felicitated with the following:

  1. Recognition as “NEP SAARTHI” by the UGC and a “Certificate of Recognition.”
  2. Mention on UGC’s official social media handles.
  3. Invitation to relevant online events organized by the UGC.
  4. Opportunity to publish an article in the UGC Newsletter.

Role and Responsibilities of NEP SAARTHIs

NEP SAARTHIs will play a crucial role in promoting NEP 2020 and driving awareness among students. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Organizing awareness drives, events, and discussions on NEP initiatives.
  2. Facilitating dialogue between students, faculty, administrators, and the UGC.
  3. Disseminating information on NEP 2020 initiatives through social media.
  4. Collecting feedback from students to improve the implementation of NEP 2020.
  5. Providing guidance to students and stakeholders on how to benefit from NEP 2020 initiatives.

Joining forces through NEP SAARTHI, students across India can actively contribute to the transformation of higher education. This unique opportunity allows students to become catalysts for change, advocating for quality, equity, and access in the education system.

Responsibilities of NEP SAARTHIs (Continued)

In addition to the aforementioned responsibilities, NEP SAARTHIs are entrusted with specific tasks to promote NEP 2020:

  1. Preparation of Brief Notes: They will prepare concise notes on each NEP initiative for display on campus, ensuring students have a comprehensive understanding of the reforms.
  2. Engaging Student Groups: NEP SAARTHIs will connect with various student groups, fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration.
  3. Innovative Events and Campaigns: They will plan and organize events such as debates, discussions, competitions, quizzes, Nukkads, and Chaupals to engage the student community.
  4. Harnessing Social Media: NEP SAARTHIs will initiate social media activities and campaigns, leveraging platforms to spread awareness about NEP 2020 and its impact.
  5. Establishing Help Desks: They will set up NEP help desks during college fests, providing guidance to students and other stakeholders on NEP 2020 initiatives.

By actively fulfilling their roles and responsibilities, NEP SAARTHIs will contribute to the successful implementation of NEP 2020, ensuring its benefits reach every corner of the education ecosystem.

NEP SAARTHI, the student ambassador initiative, is a transformative step towards reshaping higher education in India. With the UGC’s support, students will become instrumental in driving positive change and creating an environment that fosters quality, equity, and access. Through their active participation, NEP SAARTHIs will not only promote NEP 2020 but also play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education in the country.

As the NEP SAARTHI initiative takes flight, students are encouraged to embrace this opportunity and join forces to revolutionize higher education. Together, they have the power to make a lasting impact, ensuring a brighter and more inclusive future for generations to come.


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