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Unravelling the Threads of Success: A Deep Understanding into the Career of a Garment Technologist

Dr. Roopak Vasishtha CEO & DG, AMH SSC writes about the Intricacies of Apparel Development and the Pathway to Becoming a Garment Technologist

Education Post22 April 2022 04:40

Unravelling the Threads of Success: A Deep Understanding into the Career of a Garment Technologist

Would you like designing or making clothes? Are you interested in patterns and designs? Have you ever thought of making saris, jackets or hats or coats? Do you know the smell of fresh leather that comes from new jackets? If you want to make a career in cloth making, then Garment Technologist would be a great opportunity for you. Garment Technology has become very competitive as well as a good career choice. The particular industry in India is reaching its peak at a very rapid speed making it one of the career choices after senior secondary. Explore to find out what Garment Technologists do, how they do it and how to become one.

Who is Garment Technologist?

A garment technologist is the one who works through all the stages of Apparel development. The responsibility of a garment technologist is to plant ideas, give advice and suggest changes. They look after each and every stage of apparel production for instance apparel production, apparel designing, production and manufacturing. They are involved in selecting the appropriate fabric / materials / accessories as well as selecting the design, following prescribed budget and details.

Role of Garment Technologist:

  • They collaborate with designers and companies taking their feedback. They also select raw materials for production and manufacturing.
  • Trying different clothing materials and aligning cost and quality with customer needs.
  • Develop management control systems to avoid any complications in the stages of production.
  • Conducting fit sessions in-house and at source, balancing speed and quality; making commercial decisions with confidence; owning the fitting process and inspiring trust and confidence from colleagues and suppliers.
  • Analysing technical issues accurately and sending clear, concise and accurate comments to suppliers; processing samples in a timely and agile manner line with KPIs.
  • Contributing to initiatives to reduce customer returns: analysing data & implementing solutions.
  • Promoting quality at all times, whilst maintaining a strong commercial attitude.

Education and Skills Requirements

To become a successful garment technologist an aspirant must meet the basic requirements. Check out the eligibility criteria mentioned below that you must satisfy to become a Garment Technologist. The candidate must have completed class senior secondary and secondary from a recognised board of education. It is essential to possess at least a bachelor’s degree in garment technology, fashion design, fashion management or their equivalent course.

In addition, the Apparel Made-Ups and Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council (AMHSSC), which is an apex body for skill development and certification in the apparel domain, under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneur, has developed ‘Qualification Packs’ (QPs) aligning to international standards for different job role, which helps one to pursue the career as Garment Technologist. The council has aligned its skilling competencies with the industry requirements and is making an all-out effort in meeting the industry requirements.

The basic skills of analytical thinking, eye to details, communication skills, creative skills and management skills should be prevailing in the candidate.

Career Opportunity

As a fresher in the industry, you can get job roles with garment manufacturing companies or with small to medium scale Fashion Designers as:

  • Junior Garment Technologist
  • Garment Pattern Master
  • Garment Technologist
  • Garment Technician
  • Fabric Technologist
  • Creative Pattern Technologist

Employment Opportunities for Garment Technologist

Here are the employment opportunities a garment technologist come across after finishing the education.

  • Fashion Industry
  • Apparel production house (export houses)
  • Buying house
  • Retail
  • Design house
  • Textile mills
  • Designer Stores
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Freelancer

What are the chances of getting a job?

Garments have continued to be the largest commodity exported out of India to EU with a share of 63 per cent of India’s total exports. Some of the leading apparel brands are sourcing from India making India a promising sourcing destination. However, Apparel demand at $ 78 Bn, dominating the domestic market with a share close to 4 per cent of the total textile and apparel market in India. India has presence of complete value chain from fibre to fabric and hence the ability to execute even small order quantities. Demand for garment technicians is also rising due to an insufficient number of people training in this role.

Salary and Career Progression 

In the entry-level jobs: You may expect to get about Rs. 8, 000.00 –Rs, 15,000.00 per month. The salary itself is lucrative and higher than any entry-level job, with time and relevant field knowledge it can reach up to INR 11,50,000 LPA. Though the annual salary package is attractive, it is greatly subjected to various factors like levels, skills, work experience, qualifications, and location. Salaries increase with your work experience and as you get promoted. With formal education and experience, garment technologist can pursue careers as Apparel designers, fashion stylist etc. The challenging nature of the job and the never-ending demand for creativity, new ideas, and innovation provides a unique professional experience for both employees and employers.


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