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Academic Bank of Credits crosses over 1 Crore registrations: UGC

EPN Desk09 June 2023 07:00

Academic Bank of Credit (ABC)

University Grants Commission (UGC) has announced that the number of student registrations at the Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) has crosses 1 crore. UGC Chairman, M Jagadesh Kumar, expressed delight at this achievement, referring to it as a remarkable milestone and a substantial step towards establishing an adaptable and flexible credit system in India in the Higher Education sector. “We have achieved a remarkable milestone with over 1 crore student’s registrations in ABC, making a significant stride towards an adaptable and flexible credit system in India”, Kumar says.

With the aim of promoting further participation, the UGC is now urging more students to register at the ABC portal, which can be accessed at abc.gov.in. By doing so, students can take advantage of the benefits offered by the Academic Bank of Credit, enhancing their educational journey.

The Academic Bank of Credit is an innovative initiative introduced by the UGC, aiming to provide students with a platform where they can accumulate and transfer academic credits seamlessly. This system enables students to have more flexibility in choosing their courses and institutions, fostering a more inclusive and comprehensive education framework.

As the number of student registrations surpasses the 1 Crore mark, the UGC’s efforts to establish a robust credit system are gaining momentum. The achievement signifies the increasing recognition and acceptance of the Academic Bank of Credit among students across the country, and it highlights the growing importance of a flexible credit system in the Indian education landscape.

The UGC’s encouragement for more students to register at the ABC portal indicates their commitment to expanding the reach and impact of the Academic Bank of Credit. With this achievement, the UGC’s vision of an adaptable and student-centric credit system takes a significant stride forward, paving the way for a more student-friendly and versatile higher education ecosystem in India.

What is the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC)?

The Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) is a digital repository that securely stores and maintains comprehensive records of individual students’ earned credits throughout their educational journey. It enables students to create personal accounts, facilitating seamless entry and exit from colleges or universities. This system introduces “multiple entry” and “multiple exit” points during higher education, allowing for effortless transfer of credits through the ABC.

The ABC serves as an authoritative reference for verifying students’ credit records at any given point in time. It empowers faculty members and helps students embrace a multi-disciplinary educational approach, thereby equipping them with the necessary skills for their professional development and overall growth. In essence, the Academic Bank of Credits is poised to revolutionize Indian education.


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