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Bengaluru rave party: Telugu actors Hema, Aashi Roy along with 84 others test positive for drugs consumption

The raid at the Bengaluru farmhouse was conducted following suspicion of drug abuse in which significant amount of drugs were seized.

EPN Desk25 May 2024 09:30

Telugu actor Hema

Telugu actor Hema who allegedly attended the recently raided rave party in Bengaluru..

As many as 86 people including Telugu actors Hema and Aashi Roy, have been tested positive for drug consumption, who allegedly attended a rave party in Bengaluru’s Electronics city earlier this week.

On May 20, the anti-narcotic wing of the Central Crime Branch  (CCB) conducted a raid on a rave party which continued past 2 am, and was being held under the pretext of a birthday party.

Earlier, Telugu actress Hema, had released a video claiming she was not a participant at the rave party and was just “chilling” at the farmhouse. Aashi Roy also posted a similar video claiming she was not aware of the "nature of the party".

According to media reports, the FIR revealed that the party was attended by 73 men and 30 women. Blood samples of those who attended the party were collected, and 59 men and 27 women tested positive for drugs. In total, 86 out of 103 individuals were found to have used drugs.

Investigations are underway to find out who had funded the party and supplied drugs. 

The CCB, which has taken over the investigation from the Electronic City police and Hebbagodi police station has registered a case against 104 individuals. The anti-narcotics agency will send notices to those who tested positive for drugs, and they will be summoned for further questioning. 

The raid at the Bengaluru farmhouse, owned by Gopal Reddy, founder of ConCard was conducted following suspicion of drug abuse in which significant amount of drugs were seized.

The seized items included 14.40 grams of MDMA pills, 1.16 grams of MDMA crystals, six grams of hydro cannabis, five grams of cocaine, a Rs 500 denomination note coated with cocaine, six grams of hydro ganja, five mobile phones, two vehicles (a Volkswagen and a Land Rover), and DJ equipment, including sound and lighting systems worth Rs 1.5 crore, a Moneycontrol report said.



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