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UGC releases ‘Minimum Mandatory Disclosure’ Guidelines for Transparency in Higher Education

This creates a lot of inconvenience and uncertainty for the students, parents, and stakeholders,” said UGC Chairman Prof M Jagadesh Kumar.

Education Post11 October 2023 05:58

The University Grants Commission is gearing up to release a set of guidelines titled “Minimum Mandatory Disclosure” for universities and Higher Educational Institutions to enhance transparency in Higher Education.

These guidelines are created meticulously and are ready to revolutionize the higher education landscape that will ensure students, parents, and stakeholders have full access to all the vital information that is crucial for making informed decisions about their academic pursuits.

What Prof. M. Jagadesh Kumar said

“Many stakeholders in the Higher Education systems such as parents, alumni, general public research scholars, and the government officials have visited the websites of different universities and HEIs to seek for basic information in the recent times. And we have observed that many university websites not only fail to provide the essential information related to their institution but also remain non-functional and outdated and don’t make any updates. This creates a lot of inconvenience and uncertainty for the students, parents, and stakeholders,” said UGC Chairman Prof M Jagadesh Kumar.

“At this defining moment when we are celebrating the third year of National Education Policy 2020 it would be prudent to desire the Universities to provide basic minimum information and updated content on their website. We have prepared a checklist of this information to be provided by the universities on their websites,” UGC Chairman said.

With these guidelines of Minimum Mandatory Disclosure, the universities and HEIs are mandated to upload a set of ‘minimum mandatory disclosures’ on their respective websites. These disclosures cover different aspects, including institution details, administration profiles, academic programs, admission guidelines, research activities, student support services, campus well-being, and alumni associations. UGC aims to empower students, parents, and stakeholders by providing this comprehensive information that will enable them to make well-informed choices about choices about their educational endeavors.

This initiative aligns with the broader mission of promoting transparency, accountability, and accessibility within the higher education sector. As these guidelines come into effect, they are expected to significantly enhance the overall experience for individuals seeking education and knowledge across various universities and HEIs in the country.


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