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Meghalaya CM seeking Education Minister’s help to set up CUET centres in prominent districts

To address this issue promptly, the Meghalaya Government has proposed the establishment of CUET centres in prominent locations such as Shillong, Tura, Jowai, Nongstoin, and Williamnagar, which would effectively cater to the adjoining districts as well.

EPN Desk04 July 2023 11:57

meghalaya cm and education minister

Dhamendra pradhan with Megh CM Conrad Sangma to discuss about setting up CUET centres in State

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma recently met with Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan in New Delhi to discuss critical concerns affecting the student community in the state. The meeting held on July 4 focused on presenting pressing issues that require immediate attention and intervention from the Education Minister.

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma raised a specific matter regarding students from Meghalaya being unable to participate in the Central University Common Entrance Test (CUET) due to the allocation of examination centers outside the state. To address this issue, he urged the Union Education Minister to issue necessary directives to the Ministry of Education and the National Testing Agency (NTA) to conduct a special CUET examination for those students who missed the initial test.

“In order to facilitate the participation of Meghalaya students in the CUET, we have requested the Government of India to establish CUET centers in all 12 districts of the state, preferably in institutions equipped with the required infrastructure and testing facilities,” expressed CM Conrad Sangma.

To promptly resolve this concern, the Meghalaya Government has proposed the establishment of CUET centers in prominent locations such as Shillong, Tura, Jowai, Nongstoin, and Williamnagar. These centers would effectively serve the adjoining districts, ensuring easier access for the students.

During the meeting, CM Conrad Sangma also highlighted the ongoing challenges faced by Teacher Training Institutions in the state concerning document uploading, as mandated by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). He emphasized the recurring errors and glitches on the NCTE website, which hinder the smooth functioning of these institutions.

Additionally, the Chief Minister acknowledged the establishment of the North East Regional Institute of Education (NERIE) in Meghalaya by the Government of India. However, he drew attention to the limited intake capacity of only 50 students for B.Ed courses, which caters to the entire Northeast region. CM Conrad Sangma stressed the need to allocate a fair number of seats to aspiring students from Meghalaya, ensuring equal opportunities for education.

In light of this, he urged the exploration of possibilities to increase the enrollment capacity at NERIE, Meghalaya, to ensure equitable access to education for students from all states, particularly from Meghalaya. The Chief Minister’s meeting with the Union Education Minister served as a platform to address these critical concerns and seek immediate intervention to enhance educational opportunities for students in Meghalaya.


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